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    How can I set Nvidia GPU for first screen

    Hi, I'm using second screen on my gaming laptop. My GPU is Nvidia GTX 1060. I checked my screen options and I saw my second screen using GTX1060. Laptop screen using intel gpu. How can I set nvidia gpu for my laptop screen. I don't want to use second screen with nvidia gpu. I connected my...
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    Laptop won't project to second scree

    My laptop internal screen doesn't work anymore so I use a monitor. But for some reason after a few weeks the laptop doesn't project to the second screen anymore. I tried fn+4 and Windows key+p, but it did nothing. I can't go trough pic settings because I can't see anything. Can someone please...
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    Adding a second screen to laptop (lid attachment)

    Hello I am interested in adding a 2-nd screen to my laptop (lid attached) for extended desktop and: -multitasking -streaming -gaming -videoing / youtubing ;) you all know the rest but.... I am worried that: a) My video card will die after a few days or worse b) Power brick will not handle it...