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  1. I

    Is there a piece of Hardware to select which audio device is active for PC?

    Basically I switch from : A set of speakers, Studio Headphones, Gaming Headset, Guitar Interface. This often leaves me manually plugging in and out of the audio jacks on my PC. I just want to know any suggested products and what this device would be called. Thanks
  2. D

    Custom audio mixer/selector wiring help

    Hello Community! I have started a project and am at a stage that I would like my plans verified before I invest in the parts needed to complete the project. Here are the notes... I am looking to build an audio selector which allows me to independently control (through analog dials) my audio...
  3. covertcode

    digital optical selector with remote?

    Hey there I am looking at buying some form of digital optical selector. something I can plug my xbox one ps4 and pc optical cables into and then have a single optical cable out into speakers / headphones and then have a remote to select what device I want to use. EG : optical cable 1 >...