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  1. P

    Advice on laptop price

    Hello, I am considering to sell my laptop because i need the money for something else. However i am unsure of what would be the right price... Heres the spec: Pc name: MEDION ERAZER X7833 Intel Core i7 4710MQ @ 2.5GHz Motherboard Medion x782X/X783X 16 GB ddr3 ram Nvidia Geforce GTX 970M 1tb 7200...
  2. F

    Second opinion on selling laptop for nintendo switch

    I own a alienware 17 2015 model. I normally use it for going to my friends house once a week. I do already own a beast gaming PC at home that I play online with my friend. So selling my laptop would only remove mobility. when I go to my friends house we go out for lunch and play card games now...
  3. Odonix

    How To Sell A Gaming PC?

    This past summer I built my first gaming rig for around $1200. I am unsatisfied and want to sell it. Where can I sell it? There is nothing wrong with it either. I have it on craigslist and all I've gotten is scammers. I can't use Ebay because when I try to sell something it says I can sell 0...
  4. T

    How much should I sell my gaming laptop for?

    I have had it for only a few months, but have realized a desktop is better suited to my needs, it is in pristine condition and cost $1350 new. The computer is a 2015 MSI GE-62 Apache Pro, the specs are: i7 4720hq 12gb ddr3 ram gtx 970m 120gb ssd 1 tb hard drive 1080p 15" ips display Thank you...
  5. R

    What do I choose 13 vs 15

    So after a series of faults with my 2012 15" retina 2.6ghz Apple has agreed to replace my laptop with a new 2015 model. The thing is that the '2015' 15" model is only a very small bump from the 2014 model unlike the 13" model that is a proper refresh. My dilemma is that I've already made the...
  6. R

    Dekstop pc + entry-level laptop or only high-end laptop?

    Hey guys, I'm a freshman in Software Engineering and I have few options to choose from: 1. Should I keep my dekstop pc (i5,GTX660, 8GB RAM...) and buy entry/mid-level laptop for ~750 dollars; or 2. Should I sell my dekstop pc and buy mid/high-end ~1500 dollar laptop? Laptop is for coding/little...