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    Senheiser PC 363d vs Senheiser g4me zero or Hyper X Kingston Cloud II

    I was wondering if I were to get a headset, which of these should I get? Also, if I were to remove the Dolby USB, would it make the 363d no longer 7.1? if so, if I were to use a 7.1 surround sound card like the Dolby USB soundcard, would it make the g4me zero 7.1 like the 363d? I was wondering...
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    Senheiser Game One vs Zero for CS:GO and Music??

    Hi, I am looking for headphones primarily for CS:GO and music however i am not sr ure whether to go for closed or open back versions of these Senheiser headsets :)
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    Closed-Back Headphones for CS:GO and Music?

    The best ones i have found so far: -Audio Technica ATH AG1 -Senheiser Game Zero -Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro (They don't need to have a mic as I already own a blue snowball but they need to have good positional audio for CS:GO) Please leave suggestions :)
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    New Sound Card for Tiamat 7.1 or New Headphones??

    I currently own the Asus Xonar DS sound card and the 7.1 on my Razer Tiamat sounds weird and echos a lot. I am not sure if that is just my sound card or just the true 7.1 surround sound, the stereo mode works fine and the quality is very good. Instead i was thinking about buying new closed...