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    Dell Inspiron 15R 5521 (i5 3rd) vs Samsung Series 3 NP370R5E-S05IN (i5 3rd). Which is better buy?

    Hi, I'm going to buy a laptop (Usage: specifically multiple Visual studios, moderate gaming and quite more videos on it). Now, I am stuck between these 2 models that i see fit my budget (Rs. up to 48,000 approx /around $900 ). 1) Dell Inspiron 15R 5521 (Rs. 43,490 or say $805 at local shop...
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    choosing between Samsung NP350v5x-s02 and ideapad Z580

    Hello tech gurus :) for a few weeks, I've been planning to get a new Laptop that will fit my budget and my usage at the same time. after searching the market around I've limited to choice between 3 notebooks 1- Samsung NP305V5X -S02 Detailed specs are in this link...