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  1. M

    Question My Sharp LC-70UD1U Screen is black and flashing

    My Sharp LC-70UD1U Screen is black and flashing like this 👇 I attached here, you know what that mean?
  2. AjB11

    Question Amazon Firestick won't work with Sharp's 32 inch TV

    Hello recently bought a refurbished sharp 32 inch TV (model LC-32LE185LM) and it just wouldn't work with my Amazon firestick. Occasionally it shows the fire logo and then theres a slight blipp then it goes blank. Stick works on my Samsung 24 inch monitor without issues (although since its a...
  3. T

    Question Is there going to be a Sharp tv and Netflix compatibility issue Dec 2019?

    Message on Netflix startup says device will not be compatible after dec 1 2019! Sharp Aquos and all Sharp not shown on Netflix website as compatible devices. What is going on? What is the sense of having a Netflix account? Is there a problem or workaround?
  4. K

    My tv is wrong

    I have a sharp aqous 60 inch tv. It is 1080i for some reason the picture it displays is to big for the tv and parts become cut off. I've tried EVERY setting and nothing works. help. It will cut of some crucial info when im watching tv and that gets annoying.