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  1. XAKEP

    Nvidia Shield TV + HDR , What I am missing ?

    Hi guys, quick question. I have Nvidia Shield TV 2017 and I have large MKV file library and lately I am collecting and RIPPING in to 4K HDR with Atmos Audio Track. I am trying to play them on Shield and I am getting dark picture. For people that don't know dark picture means not all data being...
  2. L

    Need help please!!!

    I was about to buy an iPad mini when I came across this video. Is it a scam? Should I buy it?
  3. FreelancerGamer

    Who have a problem with Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 internal sound recording?

    There is a problem with internal gameplay sound recording. When there is a sound in the game the tablet record some strange annoying ticking sound. I use the built in "SHARE" (Shadowplay) to record gameplay. Demo of the ticking noise: Here i recorded a music from YouTube with Nvidia SHIELD...
  4. D

    Will Nvidia shut off the free online streaming service to their Shield lineup?

    Today I have been enticed by the Nvidia Shield portable's (the controller and built in screen one) ability to stream games from your PC to anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. They call this "Remote Streaming". However, upon checking other pages websites and...
  5. F

    Nvidia Shield Tablet: Worth it?

    Simple question, Nvidia Shield Tablet: Worth it or not? Please explain why it's worth to buy or not worth to buy. PROs & CONs are welcome