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    PC shuts down immediately after on and remains like that.

    The PC shuts down immediately after on and if it finally shows the BIOS settings option and I click on F12, it switched off immediately. After long hours of being idle, it may load windows and shut down after 10 seconds of loading windows. OS is window 8 pro Dell laptop
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    Laptop instantly shuts off as if overheating despite normal temperatures.

    So my laptop is pretty old and has recently been overheating on pretty much every game. I know all the common issues being thermal paste/fans not working/dust buildup. I clear it of dust buildup regularly, it's like new in that regard. I replaced the main fan not too long ago and it's working...
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    Acer aspire laptop

    I do not know what is wrong with my laptops but when I watch TV shows I have downloaded like say (King of The Hill) (American Dad) (Family Guy) (That 70s Show) and a bunch more. My laptop won't shut off unexpectedly, but if I watch a movie like (Fast 7) (Get Hard) and a bunch bunch more, my...
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    laptop hangs after windows countdown/sleep & shutdown issue - Asus s550c

    1. I'm trying to install Windows 10 on my laptop and the installation goes fine, until it gets to the end after it does the countdown for the first reboot. the hard drive turns off but the screen stays blue with the mouse cursor and it freezes. It does not reboot. 2. After getting fed up with...