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  1. tronichub

    Solved! Laptop turns off automatically on first few attempts of power on

    Hi, my Compaq 610 laptop automatically turns off in few seconds when I press the power button to turn it on. When I turn on about 3-5 times it loads windows and works fine without any issue. I checked by removing hard drive, replacing RAM, removing all extension cards, and even re-flashed bios...
  2. StrickOut

    Solved! Well I'm back again with another G7 One Problem. No videos play.

    Welp, looks like my LG G7 One still isnt fixed since i've got more problems with it. 1. Phone intermittently shuts itself down, but ONLY when slept • After my prior problem was fixed, I started using my phone again like normal, and very quickly noticed that quite often...
  3. P

    PowerJack completly broken

    Hello friends :) i have an old laptop accer aspire 4741 G - i5 with nice specs but one day fell down and the ''plastic around powerjack '' and '' powercack '' completly destroyed !! I use this laptop without battery so i did the folowing: '' i cut the head of the...