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  1. B

    Gaming laptop for sims 4 and minecraft under 200

    Need a gaming laptop for under 200 dollops and I want it to run sims 4 and minecraft with mods
  2. Curls

    Looking for a $100-$300 laptop to play Sims 3 at Medium Settings

    Hi guys. :ange: I know there's a lot of threads asking about if which laptop works best for The Sims 3 but when I surf through them, It just can't settle my question. So, I've decided to ask you guys myself. I'm looking for a laptop that'll run Sims 3 smoothly if it has all expansion packs and...
  3. G

    New laptop for Sims 4

    Hello ! I want to buy a new laptop and I've found one .. But I don't know if it's a good one to play Sims 4 with .. ASUS F550LDV-XX849H 15,6 inch HD • Intel Core i7-4510U • 4 GB • 500 GB HDD • NVIDIA GeForce GT 820 (2 GB) I hope anyone can help me because I've had sooooo much trouble playing...