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  1. L

    Facebook won't load

    Facebook won't load when I go directly from my bookmark ( or when I type in "". It also won't load from google when I click on main link but If I go directly to support inbox or help center it loads no ptroblem. It's like the link is blocked somewhere. It's...
  2. S

    need help with ( Tor onion ) theres this error that pops up at sites

    this is very strange whenever i go to any web site while using tor it wont let me theres this weird looking monster looking picture which is named monster onion and it says with the fellowing 'This is rotten onion.' Under United States jurisdiction we are unable to relay to:... it always...
  3. Riuse

    Gaming Laptop and where to buy

    For college my family decided to gift me and my brother a laptop each and since I'm somehow the most tech savvy person among them I'm the one tasked with choosing a laptop. However I'm having two issues. My first problem is finding a site that will fit my complex shipping needs. The laptop for...
  4. W

    What are these Somoto Virus files?

    Hello! My friend was on my PC last night, and he watched some porn and i got pissed. so i scanned my pc and this is the log i know what PUP is but i looked at all the files and they where .EXE files, They where called "Setup.exe" so i was just asking is this a new virus, rogue, worm, ect. "i am...