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  1. BenX41

    Discussion Note 20 Ultra Exynos & Alternative Suggestions

    Looking to upgrade from my iPhone Xs Max and its unresponsive screen to something with a high touch sampling rate. I was thinking of going with the Note 20 Ultra but being based in the UK it seems I would be forced to get the Exynos version rather than the snapdragon. I wouldnt be too bothered...
  2. E

    CPU for Tablet

    Which CPU is better, have higher performance for Tablets? nVidia Tegra 3, Qualcomm Snapdragon or RockChip?
  3. eforty

    Cortex v/s Krait: Difference between

    Specially Quadcore ones for mobiles and which one is best. How to understand. If possible please, which device has under 25K INR or 400$ Thanks!