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    Playing Solitaire on Chromebook uaing TV screen

    Can you play Solitaire and use Comcast to watch it on TV instead of the Chromebook display?
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    Coolpad 3300 A SD card button non existent

    Coolpad 3300 A can't move apps to SD card. One's that will down load on other phone like solitaire.
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    games on Facebook

    I want play games like candy crush soda saga and pyramid solitaire on my window 8 phone but I can't can someone help plz
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    I haven't saved anything to my phone except facebook & solitaire

    And I can't get anything to save to the sd card that came in the phone and it's almost empty
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    "copy" windows 7 solitaire to another win. 7 computer

    How can I copy Solitaire from one Win 7 computer to another Win 7 computer?
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    why doesnt solitaire 13 come up on my computer

    why doesn;t solitare 13 come up on my computor.
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    How do i enable Microsoft Spider Solitaire without operating disk

    Bought a used laptop from the company my wife works for and it came without the XP operating disk. How can I enable the microsoft games without the disk. Thanks, Neil
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    Laptop for my Mom!

    My mom is hogging my computer playing spider solitaire all day. I am resorting to getting her a laptop so she can play solitaire all she wants. I need a good quality but inexpensive laptop. ONLY REQUIREMENTS: net card Windows OS New(not used/refurb) Decent battery life UNDER $400 Shipped...
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    Solitaire mahjongg games for the Zaurus

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.handhelds,comp.sys.palmtops,comp.os.linux.embedded (More info?) I have found three tile-matching solitaire mahjongg games for the Sharp Zaurus. Are there any others? Mahjongg 1.0.0 (Kmahjongg (KDE) port bycRobert Ernst) tkcMahjongg 2.0 (theKompany)...