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    Solved! Sony VAIO Laptop SVF15218SNW boots for few seconds, but then immediately switches off

    I have Sony VAIO Laptop Model SVF15218SNW. The problem is that sometimes the laptop boots and functions normally and sometimes it doesn't boot at all. From the last few days, the laptop when powered up boots for 2-3 seconds and then instantly switches off with a clicking sound probably coming...
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    Discussion Sony Vaio VGN-AR730 can't get picture on external monitor

    I have a laptop that 'lost' its lid some time ago. Now I am trying to get picture on external monitor. Laptop itself boots, I can hear Windows Vista chime. Regardless of what monitor or connection I use (VGA or HDMI) it won't show the picture when I press Fn + F7. I did find some posts talking...
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    Sony Vaio Laptop, fan makes a loud noise then shuts off

    I own a Sony Vaio Laptop and just last year, starting June the laptop started making a loud fan noise then shuts down completely. I believe this laptop is 5 years old, and just last year this problem has occurred. I can still use it and turn it on but only for a short period of time since it...
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    I would like to upgrade my ar5b225 wireless mini card to dual band with bluetooth

    I have a sony vaio e series sve11113fxw with amd processor. I am trying to upgrade my wireless card. I tried using a Intel Network 7260.HMWG WiFi Wireless-AC 7260 H/T Dual Band 2x2 AC+Bluetooth, but the drivers would not load (failed). I may try to upgrade the bios and reinstall. Is there a...