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    Sony Vegas Pro 13 Not Responding When I Drag Media In Timeline.

    I am running the latest build of Sony Vegas 13 and usually edit videos using it. Just recently my Sony Vegas 13 Program would start "Not Responding" once I dragged in media from the timeline! I have restarted my computer nothing changes! I have looked at Youtube videos and try all there is with...
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    Sony Vegas 13 weird UI

    So I was editing and all of a sudden THE UI GOT WIERD AND THE EARTH WAS STARTING TO FALL! Can any on tell me what is this grey video in between and how to fix it... [Mod edit: OS=Windows 7]
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    Sony Vegas 13 Pro not able to use my GPU for speeding up rendering HELP!

    I have been trying to use my Graphics Card to speed up the rendering in Sony Vegas 13 and for some reason it can't pick up my Graphics Card which is a GTX 750Ti. I have checked to make sure my Graphics Card is updated to the latest version I have tried following tutorials on basically how to...