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    Question Vegas Pro 15 Long Rendering Time

    I had a set of clips that were 10 hours long in total, I then set the playback rate of the clips to 2 times and upped the velocity to 800% and used the auto ripple tool to put the clips side by side. I then added music and the total video length was 53 minutes. The 53 minute video takes a total...
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    Do I render a 30 fps video in 30fps or 29.970?

    So i use vegas 14 for all of my edits but I never know what to do. The video clips are sometimes either 30 (rarely) but are mainly 29.970. When im rendering the video do i have the project propteries as 29.970 and the render settings at the same? Thanks
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    Sony Vegas Crashing While Rendering

    Hi there guys so this is the error code i'm getting while rendering on sony vegas Unmanaged Exception (0xc0000005), I'm running an Nvidia GTX 980ti trying to render videos when all of a sudden this error pops up then shut the problem down after i close the error message, also rendering pretty...