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  1. B

    Solved! Feedback/low frequency hum on ATH 40x from PC but on on other devices

    I recently bought used ATH M40x headphones and they work great with my phone and laptop, but when I plug them into my desktop PC either with a USB adapter or directly into the audiojack or motherboard, I get a low frequency hum. When I use my apple headphones or my old pair of headphones...
  2. FilipLav

    Solved! Scarlett 2i4 + Ext. Headphone Amp?

    Hey, I already own a Scarlett 2i4 from Focusrite and I've been wanting to switch out my old half broken hd598s for some dt 990 pros. Can I hook up an ext. Headphone Amp to it and if so how would I go about doing so?
  3. T

    Solved! Adding an external sound card to DELL Inspiron 5000 5579 laptop.

    Hello all, I am interested in buying an external sound card for my DELL laptop since I am very upset with its sound quality. However, I have wireless Bluetooth headphones set, and I couldn't find any sound card that supports wireless headphones, Can you advise please? Thank you.