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  1. S

    Question HyperX Cloud 2 Cant distinguish Left from right and 7.1 not doing anything

    I recently bought the HyperX Cloud 2 headset, and noticed that you cant distinguish left sounds from right sounds. I tried the headsets in a laptop and in my smartphone , and they sounded fine. Any ideas why this happens?
  2. N

    Problem with TV sound not going out of the Home Theater system.

    I have a new Sony Bravia TV and an older model Sony home theater system so I connected the audio out from the TV's digital output to an adapter which connected out to the home theater receiver via RCA jacks. It initially worked but when we took out the DVD player, the sound stopped coming out...
  3. itsSacred

    Logitech G430 Robotic Sound

    I just got my Logitech G430's today and I set them up with the Logitech Gaming Software. I went to test and see if they work and how they sound and I get a robotic/alien sound. I literally just bought they brand new and I have no idea what's wrong. I will make edits as I try different things...
  4. Alone_Boy1453

    Playstation 3 Stereo Sound Issue

    Before start sorry for my bad english. Hi folks. I just buy a PS3 slim this week. but I'm having a sound issue. I can't seem to recive stereo sound. sounds coming as mono. I pluged my ps3 to my crt tv and to my pc speaker or headphones but no good. with crt tv sound coming from both speakers...
  5. L

    Audio Not Working

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to get some help regarding my PC's sound issue. When I play a video or music track, it plays well but in the middle I get an error message and then the sound goes out. If I'm using Windows Media Player, I get this error message "An audio device was disconnected or...