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  1. hyperlxrd

    Question Biggest soundstage under $100

    i want to buy a headphone with biggest soundstage under $100, what headphone should i buy?
  2. UbieAnton

    Which headphones to buy?

    Hey everyone, I've been doing research for pretty much a month about headphones and still everythig is vague of which headphones would be the best for me. I would love if you could help me choose. Please help I've been obsessive researching, I haven't done anything else for weeks >.< not even...
  3. Kohwali

    Looking for headphones for gaming and music

    I want Good soundstage Balanced sound I was looking a lot at the Audio-Techica M50x, but I found out that they weren't good for positional audio. I'd like a sound similar to that, but with some depth? Haha I'm looking at: AKG K612 Pro - Open headphones :??: AKG Q701 - Look great! VMODA...