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  1. tfitch11

    Looking for AV/Malware Protection after possibly being hacked/keylogged

    Hey Toms! Recently I had a lot of accounts randomly compromised, including Facebook, Amazon, Netflix + more. Per the message I received from Amazon, a list of emails + passwords was published somewhere, and I was one of those emails on it. I am in the horrible habit (which I'm trying to...
  2. D

    Good free spam filter program....

    I am looking for a good free spam filter mod or app that works well with thunderbird. I have tried Spamfighter, but once the trial runs out it is useless...
  3. G

    Spam: What It Is, and How You Can Stop It

    What exactly is spam, how can I stop it and why don't I see more of it in my email inbox? Spam: What It Is, and How You Can Stop It : Read more
  4. M

    Facebook-friendly free web host?

    hi guys, i think this is the right section... here's my situation: a coupla months ago i set up a free website for my band, free because we're all broke and because it's not really necessary for us to invest in this kind of web presence just yet. We have all the social networks covered, which...