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    Is it possible to connect two passive speakers to only one amplifier output?

    I have a Edifier S330D subwoofer with an inbuilt amplifier. The subwoofer does only have speaker outputs for 1 speaker. It connects with speaker wire. Would it be possible (and safe) to plug both two speakers into only one port? I was thinking that maybe I could plug two wires in all the ports...
  2. A

    Transfer vinyl to laptop with vintage audio system ?

    Have vintage rack audio system with speaker wire outputs to stereo. Passive speakers. Want to record my vinyl collection to CD. How do I interface the speaker wire connectors to the laptop's USB? Understand some adapter may be needed - will appreciate pointers and URLs. I know a USB turntable...
  3. S

    Need help connecting all speakers. Is it possible with adapters?

    I got a new sound bar for Christmas, and wanted to hook it up to an old set of speakers and a receiver that I had. I want to at least hook it all up to my PC, and possibly the bluetooth if it works through all speakers. This is what I have to work with: Vizio Soundbar w/ bluetooth (can't find...