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  1. Jas.Foster

    Solved! Seeking help to get a pair of old speakers working

    Hello friends, I recently stumbled upon a pair of old Sound Dynamics speakers left on the road by someone in my neighbourhood. There was a sign on them encouraging someone to make use of them, as they apparently work perfectly fine. In my boredom-fuelled optimism and probably more than a little...
  2. Wienerman101

    Solved! Can you send audio over a telepohone line?

    I have recently gotten rid of my home phone service and now have empty lines going throughout my house. Now in my master bedroom, I have a Tv which has lackluster speakers on it. However, I have in-ceiling speakers which I've hooked up to a Sonos system. This system can automatically switch...
  3. A

    problems setting up a/v receiver to in-ceiling speakers

    I've recently moved into a house that has ceiling speakers. There are five speakers (all identical) spread across the open plan ground floor, 2 in front living, 1 in kitchen, 2 in back living room. The speaker wire is in the back living room coming out of two holes in the wall. There are 2...