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    Question How to Find Which Component is bottlenecking a Program?

    If I am running a program or more specifically, a game, how do I know that which component(CPU/GPU/Disk) is affecting the gameplay? Please Explain in detail with examples.. Thank You
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    Which laptops are suitable?

    Hi. I'm looking for a new laptop. Found a few to my ideal top spec (but they all have little issues and/or unsure of quality) and one that I prefer over the rest, but would ideally like one that's a little cheaper and struggling to find one at the top spec for less or a slightly lower spec. I...
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    Ultrabook decision. Please help me.

    Hi all, I'm new here but I've been having a dilemma for the past few weeks; which is deciding on an ultrabook to get. I need it for work and word processing mainly and I have a few options at the moment but am very open to suggestions. Before I say my current options I'll list the kind of...