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  1. B

    How do the different models address single sided hearing

    What is the most successful type of hearing aid to improve hearing and speech recognition when patient has single sided hearing?
  2. W

    Speech To Text from live stream from internet. Not from microphone, not from file.

    Is any software with speech to text, but not listening to the microphone, only the system sound. For example a webinar or other live audio stream from internet. It is available online as stream and it is live - this is the key. I can hear it but not have a recording file. As a output is enought...
  3. S

    Speech to text

    I wish to commit anecdotes to paper. I would like to use a headset so that I can speak into a microphone on the move. I would then like the contents of this speech to be stored as text on a device which I can also carry around. Finally I would like to transfer this text to my laptop and edit it...
  4. G

    Microsoft's AI Now Hears You as Well as Humans

    Speech recognition technology is gaining on us. Now Microsoft's is just as good as humans. Microsoft's AI Now Hears You as Well as Humans : Read more
  5. Wislan

    Separate Microphone Mostly for Gaming

    Hi, I have, and am very pleased with, a set of Sony MDR-7506 headphones. The only issue is that there is no built-in microphone. This did not bother me at the time I bought them however now I would like a microphone, mostly for use in gaming but also for video chat, various programs using...
  6. L

    Headset built-in mic not picking up sound.

    I bought a Klip Xtreme KHS-815 headset with a built-in mic, the audio is fine but for the life of me i cant seem to get the mic to pick up sound. When i go into recording devices my mic shows up as working. I've tried using Teamspeak and Windows speech recognition but both dont seem to pick up...
  7. R

    Dutiful Son searching for laptop for Tech Impaired Mother, any recommendations? Speech-to-text a requirement.

    Hey all! I'm helping my mom pick out a new laptop (i.e. telling her which one to buy) but am finding it challenging - her preferences & requirements are completely different than mine. Was hoping some of you folks might have recommendations so I can find her something she'll be happy with...
  8. H

    Where can I start learning how to make a Speech Recognition App?

    I'm not sure this question fits any of the categories here at Tom's, but this is my favorite forum because I always get some useful feedback. I want to write an App for iphone and android which uses speech recognition, but I don't really know where to start looking for how to incorporate that...
  9. C

    Best Speech Recognition Software For PC?

    What is the best FREE software for computer speech recognition? Something that would function similar to siri or so. Preferred Details: -Does not have to have a text-to-speech function. I can type just fine. -Would be best if it was possible to put in my own commands for the software to...
  10. W

    Looking for a cheap laptop with an optical drive and can run Dragon speech recognition software

    So the title says it all. I'm looking for the cheapest laptop possible for my father to carry with him on business and can use Dragon speech recognition software on. Other then that, he would only need basic word processing and light internet browsing. The main kicker is he needs an optical...
  11. K

    Turtle Beach X12 recognized by windows, but doesn't work in apps

    Hello, I just received a turtle beach x12 headset, and when I try to use skype, BF4, or DayZ, my voice isn't recognized. I checked control panel, and windows 8.1 recognizes it, but nothing else does. They work perfectly on my laptop. I desperately need help with this and any help you guys can...
  12. viveknayyar007

    How Can I Improve Speech Recognition in Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.0?

    When you create a new user profile during the time of installation of the program, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.0 automatically creates a new user profile, and initializes the training session for the created profile. The sole motive of this training session is to make the account holder speak...
  13. viveknayyar007

    How Can I Hear How I Sound When I Use Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.0

    Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.0 is a speech recognition application that listens to your speech (dictation), recognizes it, and then transcribes it into the text. After transcribing, the text is written on any of the available text editor of your choice or email interface. Being a speech...
  14. R

    Acer Aspire 6930 microphone volume too low for speech recognition

    I have both windows and Dragon speech nonrecognition, both did work but quit. It says volume is too low on microphone. Nothing seems to work to fix it.
  15. B

    PLEASE HELP: - Wirless + Headset + Recahrgeable + MIC (Speach Recognit

    PLEASE HELP: - Wirless + Headset + Recahrgeable + MIC (Speach Recognition) Hello All. I really Need you help please. I need a headset as follows: Wireless Rechargeable Stereo Sound or above MIC with Noise cancellation USB connection Needs to be Comfortable...
  16. G

    Why Would Google Chrome Listen to You?

    Is speech recognition finally going to work? Why Would Google Chrome Listen to You? : Read more
  17. exfileme

    Hacked Nook Reveals MMS, Speech Recognition

    The Nook has MMS and speech recognition locked away... for now. Hacked Nook Reveals MMS, Speech Recognition : Read more