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  1. Z

    Question No 5.1 sound Win10, splitter hdmi2.2 IN/passthrough/optical+hdmi2.2 OUT, 4k 60Hz uhd projector, dolby atmos soundbar

    I have issue because my PC recognize only projector and send only stereo sound (I don't know what format is output from my PC). I can't force it to 5.1 even splitter is set to just passthrough (I don't want to infect on sound quality with splitter) and optical cable is connected to soundbar and...
  2. Seferovic

    Solved! I have problem with my y splitter

    I have lenovo g70-70 laptop. My laptop have one jack for mic/speakers, but my headset have two plug (one for mic, one for speakers). I m bought splitter something similar...
  3. atesba

    Solved! Apple Headphone's mic not working with PC.

    Hi, I have an Apple headphone with 3.5 mm jack. I want to use it as both headphone and mic on my PC. I've bought a splitter cable for mic and headphone but the mic doesn't work. -Splitter works fine when tested with different headphone on same pc. -Apple headphones mic works fine when I use it...
  4. R

    Solved! Microphone on takes up the headphone slot

    Whenever I try to connect the microphone alone, it works nicely. But whenever i try to use a splitter and connect both my headphones and my microphone, the mic doesn't work and my laptop starts using the in built one. But when i connect the mic into the green port, it works just fine, but i...
  5. A

    No Headphone/Headset in Sound Settings Settings

    This is very irritating, I am trying to configure my new headset so that I can use its microphone but I can't seem to find it in the playback settings only "speakers" are found and thats why only the headset works excluding the mic. btw my laptop offers only 1 jack with a combined headset and...