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  1. A

    How do you combine 12 months of data into one spreadsheet

    How do you combine 12 months of spreadsheet data into one report for the year in lotus 123 release 9?
  2. S

    Importing the colored value from a range

    I have a spreadsheet with two separate sheets. I need to import the colored value from a range of sheet to the column C of Sheet 2. In short, something like, If Sheet1!A4=Sheet2!A3, Sheet2!C3=The colored value of the range Sheet1!(C7:AG7) and If Sheet1!A10=Sheet2!A4, Sheet2!C4=The colored...
  3. 7

    Open/Libreoffice calc: FInding specific data between two workbooks

    Hello everyone, I have an openoffice spreadsheet in which I have some data in data 1-workbook which I want to find out from data2- workbook which has more rows and columns Sample file linksample Let say I want to search SNo.1 of data-1 in data 2 and auto-paste data found in data 2 to data...
  4. 7

    Excel: Total of some cells equal to a specific value

    Hello everyone, I have an excel spreadsheet in which there are some random numbers available and I want to find out the specific total. Let's say I have 4 numbers in colmun 80, 40, 20, 90 in separate rows and I want to find out which rows add to 130. Any help on this? PS: I am a beginner in...
  5. T

    unable to paste text on excel

    hi there, i'm working on an excel spreadsheet, and basically i have to copy text from a pdf file to an excel sheet. sometimes, without doing anything different i stop being able to paste, on the cell or on the formula cell (i've been pasting there because of different formatings in the text). i...
  6. H

    creating a game related excel spreadsheet and need help

    Ok so I've been working on a spread sheet for a gane i play (NWN) Im looks g for help on a formula to do the following if it's possible. I need to look in the range AV6:BF45 within that range I need to find out if a cell contains "weapon focus: A13" A13 refers to a cell value which changes...
  7. C

    Google Spreadsheets: Creating a schedule more easily

    Hey everybody, At work I have to maintain a schedule for my boss in Google Spreadsheet that has 5 appointments per day, Tuesday thru Friday. Right now that involves me writing in the date and then copying and pasting it in 5 rows and then copying and pasting the time slots (9, 10, 11, 1:30, and...
  8. A

    Software to Automatically Edit Text in Images

    Is there a software program out there that can take a list of names (for instance, in an Excel spreadsheet) and automatically insert those names into a graphic image (jpg, gif, tiff)? To clarify, I would have a meme and at the bottom I would have something like "<<First Name >> <<Last Name>>...
  9. M

    How to apply the 'FORECAST' function in spreadsheet?

    Hello, I'm attempting to apply the 'FORECAST' function to forecast a row of numbers 0 to 3. I selected a row of numbers to forecast. I then receive the following prompt: The formula you entered contains errors. If you do not wish to use a formula, insert a single quotation-mark before your...
  10. M

    A question about a large Excel file that shouldn't be large

    One of my users in our Sales department showed me an Excel file today that when saved is excessively large. All the rows (approx 30) and columns (approx 15) are all using simple formulas (add left to right, top to bottom, summarize at the end kind of stuff). There are 5 tabs in the spreadsheet...
  11. V

    How can I convert every email hyperlink icon in a '.docx' file to simple text?

    Currently, each email address in the document is behind a hyperlink that's represented by a small white envelope icon (I've attached a picture). I need a contact information sheet that I can print; I need to keep the same text and formatting, and replace the icon with the email address in plain...
  12. G

    What software to use?

    I need to produce a CD with a file like an EXCEL spreadsheet to be supplied with a product. Is there something I could use that is usable on PC and MAC that can be opened/ copied to the customers machine and edited?
  13. J

    Change an XLR file

    I have a spreadsheet made with Microsoft Office that I put on a flash drive. I cannot open this file on my new computer because I do not have Office on my computer. Is there anyway to change this file name so I can open it? Thanks
  14. J

    If - then statements

    I have a spreadsheet with one column that indicates what type of Ultrasound we performed (i.e. OB, MFM, GYN) - is there a way to put a formula in so that if F1 = OB then J1 will = 35.00 (for all 3) - i.e. if J1 = MFM then J1 will = 65.00... not sure how to fun the formula for multiple values in...
  15. J

    make changes in my ms access table and have them linked to an excel spreadsheet?

    I am working with Access 2013 and would like to be able to make changes in my tables and have them automatically reflected in an excel spreadsheet.
  16. internetlad

    Merge inventory from one excel spreadsheet to existing sheet?

    Okay, I'm going to try to explain this as thoroughly as I can so there are no mix-ups about what i'm trying to do. I have two existing excel spreadsheets with company inventory on them. The first has the part number and the cost of all items ever put into inventory, the second is for inventory...
  17. P

    can I highlight the row and column label if a cell is selected within a spreadsheet

    Would be grateful if someone can assist. I wish to highlight the column heading and row label if a cell within a table is selected. Excel 2007 example of what I want - Column Headings are in cells C3:J3. Row labels are in cells A4:A56 and B4:B56. Data is in cells C4 to J56 eg if cell F7 is...
  18. D

    Moving Macros from Excel 1997 to Excel 2007 on a different PC

    We have a multi-page spreadsheet used for account-keeping at the studio I work in. I had to recently rebuild our reception PC as multiple memory components failed in the motherboard. The rebuild has not problems what so ever, the only problem we have is transferring establishing the extensive...
  19. M

    Excel 2013 - Subtract from cell 2 negative value in cell 1, but only if cell 1 is negative.

    Can someone please help me find the right formula for this spreadsheet? I need to subtract from the "Savings Account" to make the "Current Account Bank Balance" 0 (ZERO) only IF the "Current Account Bank Balance" is negative, otherwise not. Also, if the negative balance of "Current Account Bank...
  20. truegenius

    Excel like spreadsheet in html web page

    Hi, I made an Excel spreadsheet with lots of data (class record) and saved it in excel format but i want to convert it to HTML file. Q. So how to convert it into html file with following conditions : 1. It should run on all the browsers (like mobile browsers, desktop browsers, browsers...
  21. grebgonebad

    Excel date formatting question....

    Hi all! Basically, I'm trying to create a spreadsheet that I can use to list objectives on, and so far I have three columns which are 'what', 'when' and 'status'. I only need it to be this simple. I also want to have two sets of these tables, one for short term objectives (Anything up to a...
  22. viveknayyar007

    How to Align Text Diagonally in Excel

    MS Excel is MS Office application packages’ spreadsheet editor. MS Excel is one of the most commonly used applications for handling data spread-sheets. The Excel spread sheets are the documents that you will sooner or later switch into, for your domestic, office or organization’s use. This...
  23. S

    How to use mixed references in excel?

    In the past tutorial I taught you about relative references. These are only really useful in very select occasions. The way that the reference will slide is valuable, but usually just in conjunction with an absolute reference mixed in. Hence a mixed reference. This is different in that you will...
  24. S

    How to use relative references in Excel?

    Referencing a cell in excel is integral into making effective spreadsheets. If you improperly reference a cell in excel then you will not get the output you want. Referencing a cell is putting one cell as equal to another one or a function of another. The first reference I will show you is the...
  25. G

    Laptop newbie question about choosing a 1.0ghz, 1.33ghz, or 1.8ghz machine

    During what operations do most users notice a a 1.3ghz or 1.0ghz laptop is slower than a 1.8ghz laptop ? Upgrading from very old equipment much slower than speeds 1.0ghz and higher , for spreadsheet calculations and cruising the internet does a 1.8ghz machine seem noticeably faster...
  26. C

    Preventing Access to HTML Code in WordPress

    I have a wordpress site on which I am putting an embedded Google spreadsheet behind password protection. I only want the embedded spreadsheet to be viewable and accessible be people with an account and password, and I also don't want to be able to link to it. Is there a way to format the...
  27. T

    Tools to lock document on one PC

    So one of my friend ask me if I know how to lock a document e.g word file or spreadsheet etc, so it can only be opened from that PC only (work purposes, not going to let any work to be 'take home' one). I've a lot of thought about that in the past but never really looking at it. If any of you...
  28. L

    Excel 2010

    We have upgraded our users hardware and since the upgrade we are having a lot of memory issues relating to excel. When people are working from large spreadsheets we occasionally get the error about the spreadsheet being corrupt and an error which states cannot complete this task with available...
  29. gamerxavier

    Converting decimals to time formula needed

    trying to find a formula on converting decimals to time. I'm making a spreadsheet for a game >..> and i am trying to manage something. say i have this.. 7.72=days I need a formula for google docs to convert that into the actual time.
  30. S

    Simple spreadsheet maths

    Hello people, what's the formula I'd enter for LibreOffice Calc (or Excel etc) to return the lowest/highest numeric value on a row/column/selection? Thanks :-)
  31. gamerxavier

    Open office spreadsheet conversion issue

    okay, so i've been having a few bug issues. I tried to download a thing to allow me to convert the open office data to google docs data and it won't work. i read others have that issue. so i got M-office off a friend and when i open the open office doc. it doesn't carry ANY of the actual Cell...
  32. mattgfx

    Macbook Pro Retina or Origin EON15-S or SAGER NP9150 !!!

    Currently in a debate between these THREE laptops. I made a google spreadsheet with the information to help me decide. This computer is going to be my mobile and main workstation for all adobe programs, and 3D programs such as Maya, Cinema 4D and Soft. Google Spreadsheet Macbook Pro Retina vs...
  33. D

    Windows 7 - can access file names but not the documents

    I was working copying spreadsheets from individual spreadsheets on to one spreadsheet using the "sheet" facility. Now I can access the file names but cannot open the files, neither in word or excel documents. Help please!!
  34. C

    Excel - Conditional Formatting

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet with two columns and about 100 rows. Column A and B has all "yes" or "no" answers in it. I want a formula created that when the answer is "yes" in BOTH columns, the cells will highlight in yellow.
  35. W

    What is the most powerful cpu in a laptop

    I am looking for the best laptop configuration to handle massive amounts of text data for spreadsheet and database processing
  36. G


    I am working on a spreadsheet and need to create a formula so that in the following instances the cell is highlighted: If the date in cell A <= Today + 180 days AND The date in cell B <=A + 90 days. Then Cell 'A' will be highlighted. I am not sure if this is possible. Can anyone offer a...
  37. W

    Excel - find and copy value2 based off of value1 in 2 spreadsheets

    I have two spreadsheets in Excel. One has a list of names and a blank column next to it for their respective jobs: Lastname -- Job (blank) The second spreadsheet has everyone's name (but with a title in front Ex. "OT Lastname") and then a column with everyone's job: OT Lastname --...
  38. C

    Export excel rows to separate .pdf files

    I have a spreadsheet in excel full of information on water samples. Each different water sample is on a different row. I need to make a template so I can export each row in the excel spreadsheet to separate .pdf's or documents, or anything that can have a template. I have the microsoft office...
  39. JeanLuc

    Excel to Mac. How?

    I have Microsoft Excel 2000 and I need to send a spreadsheet to someone who uses a Mac. Does anyone know what format I need to save this as? Can it be done?
  40. G

    Directtv/Dish comparison

    Archived from groups: alt.satellite.tv,rec.video.satellite.dbs (More info?) Is there anything out there comparing pricing choices, channels, extra charges, etc? Something out on a grid or spreadsheet? Found this, but it is 2001. Thanks http://www.maplenet.net/~trowbridge/DBScomp.htm
  41. G

    Works Spreadsheets

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Does anyone know how I can open a Works Spreadsheet on my PDA? I can move the file to my PDA, but I can't open it. I have a spreadsheet that I really like and don't want to start using Excel. Thanks in advance for your help!!!!
  42. K

    excel spreadsheets and pocket excel.....

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) I have a spreadsheet that has a fair bit of formatting done to it and when i transfer it to my pocket pc, it doesn't show any information. As if it has no data at all. Is pocket excel limited to very basic spreadsheets?? Please...
  43. BruceMyers48

    "Excel" are there others?

    Are there other spreadsheet programs other than Excel? Thanks Bruce Is it true that cannibals don't eat clowns because they taste funny?