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  1. M

    Solved! What's the most effective way to detect spyware on Galaxy S8?

    I have reason to believe that my son's phone, as well as, mine have been bugged. My ex has access to my son's phone during visitation. And in doing research, I'm seeing that this sorry of thing can be done remotely. In addition to battery loss, freezing up, hot temps and lagging, I often see...
  2. S

    How do i Hack Phone/Hike Messenger

    Im in a Hurry my Partner Comes online texting me only once, Staying Online for further 10-20 Minutes without texting me Again, I want to spy her, Shes having an Android Device, I have Access to her Google Account which is Signed onto her Device. The Problem is I don't have Access to her Device...
  3. Vlad1156

    Iphone 6splus being monitored?

    Hello guys I need some help.My uncle monitorized everything i did and he told me he can hear and acces camera,photos etc only while i uze wifi or data mobile.I didn t trust him at beggining but after he told me everything i did in these days and where i go...i trusted him.He said he put a...
  4. Inquisitive Builder

    How safe is iTunes these days?

    Hey guys, I'm wanting to download a few videos off iTunes, as that seems to be the only place I can get them, but when I googled iTunes this came up: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/apple/8912714/Apple-iTunes-flaw-allowed-government-spying-for-3-years.html It's technically from 2011...
  5. G

    Did the Germans Catch the NSA Spying on Windows Users?

    Is the National Security Agency using Microsoft's Trusted Computing initiative to spy on PC users?That's what an article posted Tuesday (Aug. 20) on the website of the respected German newspaper Die Zeit seemed to say. But closer analysis reveals some h Did the Germans Catch the NSA Spying on...