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  1. amit_007

    Want to install my new M.2 in my PC

    I have a PC with gygabite B250-HD3 ,and wetern digital HDD as storage. Now i bought a M.2 , Adata XPG sx6000pro , Now i want to use this M.2 ssd as my boot drive and HDD as normal storage option. Now what i need to do to make M.2 as my boot driver? And after doing that will all my storage...
  2. S

    Samsung 850 Evo SSD installation - crashed hard drive

    Hello, I realize this question may have been asked but I can't seem to find a thread that relates exactly to my problem so I sincerely appreciate your help! My situation is this. My hard drive crashed and I got the 850 EVO SSD to run as my replacement internal drive. No cords came with it, or...