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  1. N

    My microphone picks up static instead of my voice.

    My microphone picks up static instead of my voice. It just randomly started making static as I was playing a game and I cannot find a solution. I have tried other headsets and they make the exact same static noise as my headset does.
  2. T

    Headphones picking up fan noises.

    So I have Turtle Beach X12's and I'm trying to do a recording, however ever since getting the new PSU and GPU when the computer heats up and the fans kick on I can hear the fans or hardware in a kind of staticy sounding way through the headphones and it goes into my recordings as well. Now I'm...
  3. 2

    Laptop can no longer connect through ethernet, only airport express

    Windows 7 Professional: I can no longer connect directly to a switchport/dataport from laptop by ethernet cable. However, I CAN connect an ethernet cable from the laptop to the LAN port on my Airport Express, which has an ethernet cable from the WAN port to the switchport/dataport. If connected...
  4. M

    Port Forward not working (netgear B90-755044-15)

    Essentially as the title suggests. I've been trying to get a few ports forwarded so I can host a game server, Killing Floor 2 on Steam, in particular. I generally know *how* to port forward, but I just cannot seem to get it working. This game requires four ports to be opened: 7777, 27015, 8080...
  5. jagsta21

    Port forwarding not working at all!!!!!!!!!!

    im port forwarding for my proxy server and i have it set up with my static ip address and i port forwarded 8080 witch i want it to be on and it is closed when i check if it is open help please i will post pictures if requested i will pick a best answer btw info: my router is a vizio xwr100 modem...
  6. A

    Wifi problem

    i had Samsung galaxy II duos ,when i m trying to set wifi connection for static ip after entering security key its button of connect get disable . with other option adding new wifi connection with static ip save option is also disable .i can not use DHCP due to some security problem is this...