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  1. S

    Is it Possible to Install SteamOS on an Android phone or Smartphone?

    I was wondering if it is possible to install SteamOS on an Android Phone or Smartphone? If so what phone would it be possible to do it to? Would a Samsung S6 work? What would be required and how could you do such a thing? i WOULD BE VERY INTERESTED IN TRYING TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN, ESPECIALLY...
  2. J

    Steam won't launch games

    I downloaded both Mafia 3 and NBA 2k18 yesterday. Played them both completely fine. Now today the damn games won't even launch from steam! It's ridiculous! I've unistalled, verified files, unistalled and reinstalled steam. Then games.... still nothing! NONE of my games run! Please can...
  3. Fancdew15

    Best Operating System and why?

    Hey, just curious. What OS do you think is best, and why?
  4. T

    Searching for simulation software

    Hello I'm searching for a free or cheap simulation software that can let me make a 3D model of a building and lets me for example test what happens if I roll a ball down the stairs of the building(where the ball reaches at the end and its path). Also if no such software exist I'd like to know...
  5. G

    Steam Boxes May Get TV Shows, Movies and Music

    Based on snippets of code in a beta update, Valve could be adding new app types for TV shows, movies and music to SteamOS. Steam Boxes May Get TV Shows, Movies and Music : Read more
  6. P

    Setup two PC stream

    Hi guys , i play alot of FPS games and i enjoy streaming While i play ,, My old pc is suffering when I stream , and a decent frame rate 150-180 drops to 35-60.. My old PC spec is : 2 x AMD 5850 crossfire Intel i7 2600k @4,5 ghz 16Gb corsair 1866 MHz MB Gigabyte p67h ud7 usb3 Psu corsair AX1200i...
  7. G

    Top 50 Steam Machine Games 2014

    SteamOS is based on the Linux operating system, so only Steam's Linux-compatible games, which currently number 502, can be played on it. Top 50 Steam Machine Games 2014 : Read more
  8. G

    Most Anticipated Steam Boxes

    Valve has pulled back the curtain on 14 new Steam devices that into the cloud-based gaming system's 65-million user base. Here's a guide to each box's disparate configurations. Most Anticipated Steam Boxes : Read more
  9. G

    Digital Storm Unveils Hybrid PC-Steam Machine

    The Bolt II is a gaming PC that will run both Windows and the SteamOS optimized for living room play. Digital Storm Unveils Hybrid PC-Steam Machine : Read more
  10. G

    Valve Demos Steam Game Controller [Video]

    Valve demonstrates 'Portal 2,' 'Civilization V' and 'Counter-Strike' with the new controller for its upcoming gaming OS and consoles. Valve Demos Steam Game Controller [Video] : Read more