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  1. T

    Malware hunt gone wrong... Help!

    When it happened? I had just finished restoring immunizations from recently added "Spybot" (I'll explain why later), and because I know next to nothing about what was quarantined (from yesterday's scan), I opted to restore that as well (note: they were all usage tracks, nothing more), when...
  2. D

    Sony Vegas Pro 13/14/15 Freezes/Crashes when I resume the video?

    So at the start i had Vegas Pro 13 working with no problems. Yesterday i tried to edit some clips using Sapphire effects, and every time i put an effect on a clip the frames go where i stopped for ex: 12 and after the frames it has dots like 12..... and when its like that if i resume, or delete...
  3. K

    Speakers stop working After Booting

    I have Microlab m-200 platinum speakers for my laptop. Every time I boot up my laptop the speakers work perfectly, but after about 5-10 minutes (the amount of time it takes is random). The speakers stop working and I can make them work again by unplugging the AUX cable and plugging it in...
  4. T

    New laptop hardware error: Cache Hierarchy Error

    Hello everyone! I have a problem with a recently purchased laptop. I am a bit between a rock and a hard place, because I will move abroad for studies at the end of the month, and I need a fully functional computer while overseas. The laptop specs are: Acer Aspire E5-572G-5577 Intel Core...
  5. G

    Stop Error 0x0000008E

    Hello, when i start up my computer i get as far as the blue screen with stop error code 0x000008e but cant get any further, not even in safe mode. any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks, kristina knaggs
  6. A

    "Stop error" on boot on presario 1200

    I am not able to boot my presario notebook. It gives me a stop error. How can I recover my hard drive. I do not have the reboot disk.
  7. pat mcgroin

    root kits and mini dump logs

    While trying to assist someone with a stop error I found that It is possibly something different than I had thought. From what I can understand the wave of the future is to place viruses in rootkits to make them nearly impossible to detect. Even...