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  1. C

    Solved! ASUS G751JY stopped working

    I was playing the other night and the screen went black, after a few minutes of it being black i decided to power it off. I did not think to check or listen if anything was running still while the screen went black. Anyways, after I powered it off I tried to power back on. The lights will...
  2. Coltor

    My laptop charger started beeping... no longer charges Help?

    I have an HP Compaq 8710w workstation laptop. I don't know why but the laptop charger started beeping and will no longer charge the computer. IT IS BEEPING, I didn't know it could do that. What must I do to make it start charging my laptop again?
  3. R

    Alot of programs wont start

    Hi recently most of my programs wont start and crashes. First it was skype acting up then i reinstalled it and it worked after that premiere pro cs6 and i dont know how it worked after a while and now freemake video converter .,, I use these programs to edit my youtube videos and i really need...