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    Samsung j2 prime storage problem

    I bought a Samsung galaxy j2 prime, it was something like 100 dollars, not really much but still some money. I went to storage and the system was 5 gb and I had 3 gb that I could use. Very little amount, but I could live with that. I downloaded some apps, checked storage, had something like...
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    HD appears and disappears

    I bought an MSI GF63-8RD recently. It has a 1 TB HDD and a 128 GB SSD. 3 weeks after I bought it, I am experiencing some problem with the HDD. When I switch on my laptop, the HDD is there but after a minute or two it disappears. If I put my laptop to sleep then wake it up again, the Intel rapid...
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    looking for external storage for LenovoPad TB3-850F tablet

    I have tried a Sandisk 32GB micro disk that did not fit. Any suggestions.
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    How do I make downloaded files go directly to SD card and clear phone storage - Blu R1 HD

    I have 16GB memory card in my phone still play store says that there is not enough space when I am about to download an app. I have turned my external SD card into internal storage by formatting it. However, even though it is basically empty and I have moved the few apps that could go on it...
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    The Best External Hard Drives for PS4 and Xbox One

    Looking to easily expand your console's storage? Here are the best external hard drives for PS4 and Xbox One. The Best External Hard Drives for PS4 and Xbox One : Read more
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    My files that I stored in my SD CARD is gone! But the storage says 100MB left! (I think the files is not deleted)

    I downloaded a bunch of mp3 files to put in my new sd card (8 GB of capacity). I currently use that sd card for my MP3 Player. I stored the files in a folder in the sd card. After a few days, I decided to put that sd card in my new phone. I've forgot to backup my mp3 files before doing that...
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    Upgrading old stereo technology & advice on buying new devices

    Having recently moved house, I’ve rediscovered my vinyl – I’ve bought new wired speakers and a stylus for my early '90s stack stereo, but wondered if there’s any way I can bring it into the modern world (I assume using the headphones jack)? I’m old skool and still buy CDs, and have around 400 of...
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    want to download an app into ext sd

    OK so I have a fake galaxy s6 (can't afford original) but it works well and I almost can't tell the difference except for one glaring fault. The phone has two storages internal and a faux external(which is not external its just named that) each 1gb hilariously desguised as 32 each meaning when I...
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    rca viking pro 10 enabling to rread 128gb sd card as well as a 1.5TB hard drrive and/or 2TB flash drive

    ok so i have recently purcchased the above named tableet, and had a 128gb micro sd card laying around since i had wanted to try and us it for my phone but at the same time it did not seem practical as i have not figured out as to how to be able to effectively use my external storage, so i...
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    SDD compared to HDD

    im looking at two different models of a laptop, one with an hdd, and another with a sdd. The hdd has 1TB, The sdd has 256 gb. Which would be better? Price is not an issue.
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    Best MacBook Air storage solutions?

    Hi there, I am thinking about buying a 256gb 13 inch MacBook Air but realized that 256gb is nowhere near big enough for the amount of space I will be needing, what are the best solutions for additional storage? I would like to keep away from cloud storage because I don't like paying monthly...