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    App from Windows Store won't launch!

    hai! two of my apps that i downloaded from windows 10 store failed to work like they used to for couple of months before. i downloaded "candy crush soda" and "candy crush soda saga" but both giving me a black screen on its launch screen. no logo, no nothing. it then closes itself after a...
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    Quantum Break and windows store apps on dedicated graphics

    Is there a way to control which graphics card runs windows store applications ?? I am having a problem with the game "Quantum break" from windows store and I'm trying to run it on my Lenovo Z5170 with core i7 5500U, and AMD Radeon R9 M375 4GB gpu My problem is that the game always runs on the...
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    Google play not working...Help?

    hi guys i recently bought a new smartphone Yusun t22 i know guys its a low budget phone but ... that's the only thing i could afford in my situation and budged so please.:/ so i tried to install latest version of google play and when i try to open it, it asks for a account sign in i click yes...