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    Question Brand New Surface Book 2 Hinge Noise!?

    Hey everyone! I just recieved my my Microsoft surface book 2, 258 GB with 16GB RAM and Intel i7, that I was replacing my college computer with! It arrived today around noon. I went ahead and set my new laptop up, and left it to run through all the current software and security updates. Once that...
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    HDD-like noise in brand-new laptop with a SSD 3 drive

    Hey guys, I just got this laptop 3 and a half days ago and since yesterday I can hear a HDD-like noise coming from it, even when sitting idle, like the video below shows. It features a SSD 3 Drive, so it shouldn't be making this sort of noise. Also, it's worth mentioning that this laptop gets...
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    asus gl552vw whining noise

    Hi, I've just bought an asus gl552vw a few months back. It regularly whines. It sounds like if something starts to spin up, but then stops and then instantly restarts. This happens all the time, not only during gaming, but simple firefox use... Do you experience the same? This sound is so...