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  1. Marshall Honorof

    Plex Live TV Works, But It Could Be Better

    Under ideal circumstances, Plex Live TV and DVR is both economical and easy-to-use; otherwise, it can be sluggish and unintuitive. Plex Live TV Works, But It Could Be Better : Read more
  2. O

    youtube/twitch audio recording setup

    hi folks i have some questions about audio for streaming and youtube atm i have a lowend BM-800 mic and a alesis multimix 4 usb mix, im going to sell this things and im thinking about something better and im serious about acoustic panels in my room i can get a Superlux CMH8A mic for ultra cheap...
  3. A

    Projector Apartment TV Tuner Help

    I just moved into an apartment complex that comes with cable service. Their service is a rebroadcasted Directv. Much like you would have in a hotel. That being said, no cable box can be purchased or used. I have tried Tivo, digital converters, boxee, and directv boxes. Nothing works. Tivo...
  4. C


    The 9800gt and gtx have the same g92 gpu but a difference in stream processors .Can I enable the diabled stream processors in the 9800gt by flashing it with the 9800gtx bios?Or is there any other way?