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    Games is stutter after the Battery is Dead

    Help, My Acer's battery is just dead because i forgot to plug the AC adapter when i playing Pro evolution socer 2017. Playing until the battery depleted, then it won't charge anymore, is dead. I've tried anything to get it back alive, failed. So my notebook is now have no battery, it's removed...
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    4K@60FPS On YouTube stutters on a capable PC.

    I just got a new RX 460 which is used a lot for 4K HTPCs but for some reason I still have terrible stuttering issues when trying to run 4K videos. Normal 4K videos on youtube work 'mostly' fine, im saying mostly because while they're smooth, they are not as smooth as 1080p videos, and 4K@60fps...
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    Videos Freezing When Wacth.

    So when I record a video and watch it, it stutters really badly.. (Example ) And its not just the pc, I tried putting it on a usb then watching it on another pc, and it did the same thing, so it has to be the recording I think, I tried 2 recording...
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    Laptop Gtx 960M performing really poorly

    Hey guys ! So i have a friend of mine who bought an acer laptop and recently he told me that with this " gaming laptop" he is having some very bad frame drops as well as stutter while playing game like AC Syndicate, The Witcher 3 or even Rocket League. I have spent the whole afternoon on skype...
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    Netflix loading in both app and on browsers causing computer to lag

    When loading the start of show, the whole computer stutters to the point of not being able to do anything. Resource manager open when netflix is loading, nothing goes over 30%
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    Dota 2 FPS drop and stuttering

    Hello guys, i experience dota 2 FPS drop, i did really big research around the web, but still can't understand what's my problem. I had 25-30 fps on my old, really low-end laptop, with 1.6 ghz cpu and integrated graphic card. Now i have Acer, with Intel Core i5 3427U @ 1.80GHz, Ivy Bridge...
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    Smart TV stutters when playing high bitrate audio

    Hello there, I tried to search this question on this forum/google but couldn´t find the answer so I actually made an account to ask it. So I have a Samsung Smart TV and I play videos from an USB stick plugged in it. The problem is, when I play files with high bitrate audio the TV sometimes...
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    Stutter Issue on my PC

    I've been having a stutter on my PC within the past 2 months, and it's been getting worse. The video and audio stutter to the point to where it's interrupted my gaming and conversations, and is becoming a real annoyance. The primary game I play is Garry's Mod, and the audio issues come from all...
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    Laptop has charging stutters

    I'm not really sure how to describe this. While playing a game, or running FurMark, my laptop will quit charging for a minute, I get a huge FPS lag spike, and then it begins charging again. It will keep doing this most of the time. I have learned that giving it better ventilation helps...
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    What are possible causes of my laptop stuttering?

    My laptop is randomly stuttering when watching YouTube videos, movies, listening to music, or playing games. It lasts for 1-4 seconds and occurs randomly throughout the day. It occurs 2-12 times a day within a 10 hour use within the day. I am monitoring my RAM, CPU, HDD usage and when the...
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    Video Stutters always on everything

    I'm not sure if this is a common issue or not, but videos ALWAYS stutter when I watch them. It really doesn't matter what it is. I could be using my computer and watching anime, or netflix, or a blu-ray. No matter what the content is, the video stutters when the camera pans. This happens on my...