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  1. RJGrayLight

    Question Bass Sensitive Gaming Speaker Suggestions

    Hey, As the title suggests, I'm bass sensitive. Meaning that I get pretty sick consistently when it comes to "feeling" bass sounds. Like, I'm calling out of work because my face is stuck in my toilet and my vision is blurred from the migraines for 3-5 hours because I felt strong bass for 3-5...
  2. N

    Solved! Looking for price suggestions for laptop I'm selling.

    I'm trying to sell an Acer Aspire 7 A715-71G, used for a bit over a year (Edit: Should also mention the CPU up time is 203 hours), I've looked on Amazon and seen that new ones seem to be 1400$ new, and I've seen a listing for 800$ used. The laptop is in mint condition, all is working well and...
  3. SkoomZ

    Still looking for the right laptop [help]

    I'm sure you get hundreds of these each day, but I'm looking for a nice laptop, one that's capable of running vmware (so preferbly 8gb ram) effectively, intel is also preferred. Besides Vmware, I would use it to watch videos, browse, and configure servers. My budget is around £250, I'm...
  4. T

    Suggest me some games!

    Hello, I recently bought a new laptop and I easily get bored so I would like to install some games. If you could suggest me some good games, I would really appreciate that. Feel free to suggest me anything except MMO,RPG and Strategy games. My specs : AMD A8-641 0APU 2.0 GHz 8GB RAM AMD Radeon...