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  1. codecrazy666

    Want To Build Super Laptop Thoughts and Ideas?

    Okay, so what my goal is; is a really powerful and fast Laptop that can operate faster than most modern computers in a whole, can adapt as time goes by so it learns by itself, has a Different powersource (Aka: not plugged in by your normal computer cord), can devirus itself, and most importantly...
  2. G

    Bee Hive Mind Outhinks Supercomputer

    Resistance is futile; our sweets shall be assimilated. Bee Hive Mind Outhinks Supercomputer : Read more
  3. A

    A central computer system?

    Hello! I was just wondering, do you know if this is possible? You see, I was just thinking of getting a large 'supercomputer' and then connecting 50 monitors to it. Would it be possible that each monitor can function like an independent PC? Also, do you know if this is done, and what is this...