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  1. theturtles

    Is it worth the upgrade to a DSLR or Higher-End Bridge? Lumix FZ1000? Canon T6i?

    Hey Tom's Guide, Love the community here (usually at Hardware) so I figure I'd ask for some help here. I am a senior in highschool so admittedly money is tight, and I purchased a decent refurb camera about a month ago, Nikon L830, for around 200 bucks with all accesories. I love the zoom but...
  2. G

    New Pentax XG-1 Offers 52X Superzoom for $400

    Ricoh has announced its newest superzoom camera, the Pentax XG-1. The fixed-lens camera features a 52x optical zoom and goes on sale in August for $400. New Pentax XG-1 Offers 52X Superzoom for $400 : Read more