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  1. DiabloDj1

    Potential Upgrade to a Surface Pro or Book

    Going to fill out the info as requested below, but here's my situation: I normally use my laptop to run a two-screen (one monitor plus laptop screen) setup for work (office, cloud programs and Google Chrome, mainly). It's hooked up at home all day, but decent battery life would be nice. No...
  2. R

    laptop choice for school(engineering and business) and watching videos

    hi. I am starting school in afew months time and would like to buy a notebook for it. I do not plan to game on it since i have a pc at home. However, i would like to watch videos on it. I am currently looking at the surface book since it can be used as a tablet and has a good display. However i...
  3. D

    Surface Book vs MacBook Pro | Which one to choose ?

    Hi, As the title suggests it. its a tough decision between Macbook Pro and Surface Book. Or if you find something similar to this. Please suggest which one to go for. I will be purchasing it in January. According to me, advantages of both over each other Surface Book over Mac : Portability...
  4. Memento

    Surface Book 8gb ram vs 16gb ram

    Hi, I'm planning to pre-order the surface book, and I've been searching around for opinions on weather or not I need 16gb of ram, or if 8gb is enough. I found quite a few post about this kind of thing, but none about the surface book specifically, and most of them were 4+ years old. I will be...