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    6th Generation Core M7 vs 4th Generation i7

    I read the review of Lenovo Mix 700 and want to compare with Microsoft's Surface pro 3 which has 4th Gen i3 to i7 while as Lennovo Mix 700 2in1 has 6th Gen Core M7... just need simple difference which is better in performance...
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    Surface Pro 3/4 or Macbook Pro for College?

    Hello, I will be going to college this fall and Im doing research on what to get. Ive read many threads but cant really see a clear choice. I will be studying computer science then transferring to as a Software Engineer major. My question is, what for me in college will be the best use for me? I...
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    MS Surface Pro 3 DisplayPort to HDMI adapater

    Does anyone know if the Displayport to HDMI adapater that MIcrosoft has for the Surface Pro 3 is any different than a standard Mini Displayport adapater cable? Sometimes, I have seen where the OEM version has a clip or something else to help hold the adapater in the port. I have noticed (while...