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  1. mrmike16

    Question Surface Pro 4 not warning me when the battery is low

    Hi everyone, So as the title indicates, I find myself looking at a blank screen often because the laplet gave me no warning of the battery getting low. This never happens on my Surface 3, only on the Surface Pro 4. Anything I should try before reinstalling Windows? The battery life capacity...
  2. mrmike16

    Solved! Is a $314 Surface Pro 4 worth it in 2022?

    Hi all, So I just got a great offer, as the title says. $314 for a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 laplet with a dock and Type Cover in good condition (From the picture I don't even see scratches). For those who haven't seen my many previous posts about this, I currently have a Microsoft Surface 3...
  3. S

    Exchange surface pro 4 core m3 for i5 model?

    I bought surface pro 4 a less than 7 days ago, and am absolutely loving it. The problem is, if i play 1440p 60fps video or anything higher than that(including 4k), there is horrible lag and stutter. The problem only occurs in chrome. Edge runs it just fine, but most of the videos don't have any...
  4. noyaus

    Surface Pro 4 Pen Problem

    Hi I have a surrface Pro 4. I haven't use the pen in a while but I use it once a month or so to make sure it works. So I was checking to see if all functions worked today and when i clicked on top to open OneNote it did not open. So I went onto youtube and unpaired and repaired it. The pen...
  5. T

    Surface Pro 4 i5 or i7

    Hey guys, I just want to get a Surface Pro 4 for university, but I can actually not decide if it is worth to pay 300$ more for a i7? I would probably use it for programming, photo/video editing and running a virtual box on it. Of course not at the same time :D Thanks for you help!
  6. M

    Surface Pro 3/4 or Macbook Pro for College?

    Hello, I will be going to college this fall and Im doing research on what to get. Ive read many threads but cant really see a clear choice. I will be studying computer science then transferring to as a Software Engineer major. My question is, what for me in college will be the best use for me? I...