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  1. N

    Solved! Download Flash Games From Boomerang.co.uk

    Hi everyone. I want to play a flash game for playing it for when I'm offline but I can't download it. I found this game from only "Boomerang.co.uk" . When I tried to download "swf" file I can only download "MainApp.swf" file and It's forever white screen. Help me please.
  2. L

    Unable to download swf file/document

    Hello I can not download to my computer and print this file Suspicious link removed by Moderator. using Chrome. Please help
  3. DexxMann

    Download .swf files????

    does anyone know how to download this flash embedded .swf file from here? http://video.foxnews.com/v/3607303564001/overtime-chat-live-with-outnumbered-hosts/#sp=show-clips
  4. Vishalshetty104

    Black Screen while opening a .swf file??

    Hello people.. i am experiencing a problem that is when i open a .swf file using adobe flash player (standalone version) there is just a black screen with no error message or anyting else.. it only happens to some .swf files.. SO PLEASE HELP ME !!
  5. B

    SWF Clip Salvage

    Hi guys, not really sure where to post this. A friend of mine has asked me to try and get hold of an SWF embedded in her Wix site. emiliasjourney.co.uk. It's the one with the house, butterflies etc. Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. R

    Best freeware swf to video converter?

    Hallo, I'm looking for a decent freeware .SWF to Video converter. I've googled and found a couple, but they're mostly rubbish. Any help is appreciated. Cheers!
  7. T

    Unable to download swf embed file

    Hello I am unable to download online swf file which is embed. When I have it from firefox it save as playershell.swf but it does not play. Please help
  8. casemods

    SWF to avi/wmv converter.(DONE,but suggestions still welcome

    I need this type of converter.