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  1. E

    Solved! Unrooted SMS/MMS attached photos transfer app?

    Hi, I just finally upgraded from my very first smartphone (now 5 years old!) to a newer one (both Samsung), and used Samsung Smart Switch to transfer _most_ everything (both phones are unrooted). I see on the new phone that although the SMS/MMS text message "text" was transferred, all of the...
  2. R

    Solved! How to turn off AND on display with a key combination?

    Is there a utility that will let me turn off the display and turn it back on only by pressing a specific key? I have tried 'Turn Off LCD' and few other utilities, but all of them turn the display back on when any key is pressed. I want the display to turn on when I press my specified key...
  3. L

    Trying to pick best antivirus/system utilites

    Hello, I'm looking to find the best option for a paid antivirus and system utilities suite. Total AV looks good but I've never heard of it and am therefore unsure of it. I'm running windows 10.
  4. S

    there is no product affected by this package installed on this system 2010

    Hi...everyone, when i installing sp2 for office2010 for 64bit giving msg there is no product affected by this package installed on this system 2010 anyone can find solution?? plz let me know thanks CB
  5. G

    Best Data Recovery Software for PCs

    If you delete your favorite photos or a very important business document, you can get the files back with powerful data-recovery software. Best Data Recovery Software for PCs : Read more
  6. oldgeeker

    Please help my laptop system!

    My laptop is a Win-7, recently it keeps stucking:no: Some friends online advised that it's something to do with too many software installed. Anyway, I am not playing heavy games on it. It's kinda innocent. Some system optimizers were suggested. Are there any other ways to deal with it...
  7. exfileme

    WinZip Now Offering System Utilities Suite

    WinZip is now offering a suite of tools for cleaning, protecting and optimizing your PC's overall performance. WinZip Now Offering System Utilities Suite : Read more
  8. S

    Satellite A215 will not boot past BIOS?

    I've got a Toshiba Satellite A215 and it will not boot past BIOS it just hangs. No beeps or messages stating anything is in fact 'Wrong'. If I hit F2 (System Utilities) or F12 (Boot Menu) nothing will happen. Although, if I hit F2 for System Utilities it does beep but it just says Please...