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  1. lothian-mcadam

    Question Sony XBR-49X800D -Vertical Lines

    Sony XBR-49X700D Manuf: 2017 Yet another post complaining about vertical lines in an LED TV... I have a Sony XBR-49X700D that decided one day to display a black screen and the dreaded "Sony Six Red Blinks". I buried my face in my hands, fully aware that the "Sony Six Flash" error code...
  2. Z

    Vizio M50-C1 display issues (Jumping/Flickering screen every few moments) please help

    The image is ghosting, flickering, jumping or however you want to describe it every few seconds (intermittently). I am looking for a fix for this TV. I have already replaced a bulging capacitor and (Somewhat) attempted to refurbish the T-con board through a scrub with some 91% rubbing alcohol...
  3. FrozenMetroid

    Vertical Lines on screen

    Went to turn on my Sony 4k 55x9005A last night and was welcomed with this http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b325/Shinogi/eBay%20Items/DSC_0130_zpsktkm0ugy.jpg Worked fine the night before with no signs of problems and now the screen does this. I have sound when I press the menu button as it...