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    Replacing P8400 With T9400 on Lenovo T400

    Hi everyone. So I have a lenovo t400 and it has been laying around for a while and I wanted to bring it back to life. It had 2 gb ram which I already upgraded to 4gb (i also had laying around) Now, the processor is C2D P8400. I searched for the BEST: price to performance ratio (I am cheap...
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    Lenovo T400 BIOS Lock out

    I have a 2009 t400 with BIOS and windows fingerprint for password, I also know the text password, when I enter it acts like it takes it but on every menu I get a beep, I can't even exit with out the power switch. I have disabled the fingerprint for boot up with in windows and tried with my text...
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    What do you think I should get?

    Hi every one! So I was looking for a good laptop for school and I found 2 ones that I liked. So the first one is a (Both thinkpads) T400 at $160's and the second one a T410 at $260. The t400 is a 2.26ghz core 2 duo with 3gb of ram and a 160 gb hard drive and the t410 has a 2.4 ghz core i5 with...