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  1. J

    I need help deciding Sony a7 vs Canon t5i

    I need help deciding which camera to get both the a7(2013 model) and the t5i cost about the same where i live im mostly looking to make videos (youtube videos,vlogs,short films) and i have no prior experience with cameras so if you could list the pros and cons of each camera that would be...
  2. S

    Between a few DSLRs which one would you recommend?

    Hey so I am looking to get more into youtube and have been searching the web for a while for a good camera choice. I have narrowed it down to the t6i or the t6s and the 70d All seem to be very similar just the t6i/s are newer any thoughts?
  3. clozecall

    Converting Canon T5i .MOV bitrate to .MP4

    Hey everyone I have the Canon T5i and at its highest video recording setting it records .MOV file format and plays back at an average rate of 47,000kbps. Now after editing video footage in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 I want to export at as h.264 as an .MP4 file format, but I'm wondering what bit...