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    Samsung Tablet wont turn back on

    I put my Samsung tablet on the charger over night. Now it wont turn on at all. I have no idea why. It was working fine before that. Does anyone have suggestions on what I could try? I plugged it in to different places thinking that was the problem, but nothing helped.
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    I have a samsung galaxy tab 3 lite,run out of memory have put in 16gb samsung micro sd,still saying no space,what have i done

    My sons galaxy tab 3 lite has run out of memory so I have bought a samsung 16gb micro sd card.When I go to download a game it still says no memory.the tablet has recognised the card as it shows on settings.Do i need to back up or something? please help,I am not very technical
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    Bricked? Tab3.7 stuck on samsung screen

    My tab 3 SM-210 gets stuck on the Samsung screen when turned on i have started it in recovery mode and reset everything possible but yet it still gets stuck. It was rooted by my friend last year and encountered this problem after de-activating freecore on freedom. I have also tried installing...