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  1. B

    Google Chrome/Mozilla opening up on their own with spam tabs

    Google Chrome keeps opening on its own with strange spam tabs, my antivirus isn't picking anything up, I looked trough my add-ons and there was nothing unusual. So I uninstalled Chrome, in hope of solving the problem, but it just continued to happen on Firefox, witch is my default browser. It...
  2. webworkings

    How to close tabs in your phones browser

    The simplest way, in the Chrome Browser, to remove/delete tabs is to do one of the following. To close each tab individually (and not close all of them)... 1. Press the "Tab Number" near the top right, or in Android 5.0 and higher (Lollipop and Marshmallow), tap on the "Square Button" in the...
  3. The Stealthinator

    IE tabs colour

    When the tabs in IE change colour, what does that mean?